For each of us, the past two years of the Pandemic have been extremely challenging. Each one of us was dealing with a different medical or emotional issue at the time. Considering this, we at 365KPO decided to start the new year with a new resolution of performing yoga every day to rejuvenate our colleagues after such a life-challenging experience.

In the same manner that we used to start each day as children with a little prayer, we may set aside 10 minutes for yoga at work for our staff.

Your work desk holds your family photos, stacks of paperwork, and your mid-afternoon snack stash.

Did you know it’s also a great spot to practice yoga at work?

What are you all waiting for?

Come let’s join us and help yourself & colleagues to improve your & their mental health as well by having a #YOGAATWORK!

Today, we’re sharing eight yoga poses made for busy professionals looking to squeeze a little more out of their break time. Best part? You don’t even need to change out of your work clothes or get into a sweat.

1. Seated Twist:

Yoga Pose at Office

Start by sitting in your chair with your back against the backrest. As you inhale, lift your arms over your head and as you exhale, twist to your right, placing both hands on the right armrest for support. Sitting in an armless chair? Place your right hand on the seat, behind your pelvis, and place your left hand on your right thigh.

Lengthen your spine with every inhale, allowing your body to stretch deeper into the pose. Hold the pose on each side for up to 60 seconds, and then switch sides.

2. Shoulder Rolls:

Yoga Pose at Office

You know your back tenses, and your fingers feel strained after a day in front of the screen. Yet did you realize your shoulders and chest also feel this stress?

Shoulder pain at work doesn’t have to be a given. Why not do a few simple rolls to wiggle back your range of motion?

As you inhale, draw your shoulders up toward your ears and bring them back down. Then, on the exhale, move them down and forward. Repeat this motion two more times in the same direction, then reverse it.

3. Wide-Legged Forward Bend:

Yoga Pose at Office

Chances are, you’ve done some version of this yoga pose while looking for that pen or paper clip you dropped! Now, it’s time to learn the proper technique.

Started standing up, and move your knees and feet a little wider than hip distance apart. Rest your hands on your hips. As you exhale, fold forward from the hips, being careful to keep your spine straight. A bend in the knees is a great way to modify the pose if needed.

Hold this pose for a few seconds, then move your hands down your legs. This motion allows your spine to round. If you can, rest your hands on the floor between your feet, but don’t sweat if you aren’t there yet!

Find your sweet spot and hold the pose for 30 to 60 seconds. Then, release and use your leg and abdominal muscles to pull you back up.

4. Chair extended side angle:

Yoga Pose at Office

After your final forward bend, stay folded. Bring your left fingertips to the floor on the outside of your left foot. If your left-hand doesn't come easily to the floor, place a block under it or bring it to your left knee instead and twist from there.​

Open your chest as you twist to the right on an inhale, bringing your right arm and gaze up at the ceiling. This is your chair version of the extended side angle pose. Hold here for several breaths. Bring the right arm down on an exhale.

Do the same position with the right arm down and the left arm up.

5. Seated Crescent Moon Pose:

Yoga Pose at Office

You might not think about your side body too often, but you’ll notice when it gets tight after a long day at the office. Keeping it strong is the key to a healthy and happy neck and shoulders.

Sitting in your desk chair, lift your arms over your head, and place your palms together. Lean to the right and hold this pose for two to three breaths before switching sides.

6. Wrist and Finger Exercises:

Yoga Pose at Office

Of course, we can’t forget to relieve and stretch our most valuable office resources: our fingers, hands, and wrists!

Every two hours, stretch your arms to each side or overhead. Then, draw 5 to 10 circles inward and outward through your wrists. To remove any extra built-up tension, spread your fingers wide and close them into a quick fist, repeating this move five to 10 times.

You can also stretch each arm out before you, alternating inward and outward bends. Use your

7. Seated Figure Four Pose:

This pose is ideal for stretching the deep muscles that surround your hip joints. It feels especially great after a marathon work session where you looked up or walked around for hours!

Begin by resting your outer left ankle on your right thigh. Holding your left ankle with your right hand and placing your left hand on your left knee, release an exhale. As you do, fold forward from your hip joints as far as you comfortably can, remembering to keep a straight spine.

Hold for 30 to 60 seconds, then switch sides.

8. Final Relaxation: Chair Savasana:

Yoga Pose at Office

Take a few minutes to sit with your eyes closed and hands in your lap at the end of your practice. This seated savasana will help your body absorb all the good effects of the poses you have done and transition you into the rest of your day.

We know you’re busy, and your day is chocked-full of things to do. We also know you care about your health and want to prioritize it, even amid a jam-packed work schedule.

That’s what makes these office yoga poses so convenient. In a few seconds, you can help melt away mounting tensions and create a personal oasis that leaves you feeling recharged and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.