Business is an exciting game, but the truth is, any of the tasks you work on daily can be relatively mundane like Filing taxes, financial data recording, review and reconciliation of transactions, recording payments, categorizing expenses, doing invoices, and many more. Here are some of the tasks an accountant needs to do for your business. Sequencing each item in their right categories provides an easier command and access for the files, and being knowledgeable of the tool used is the only way to do that.

Nowadays, Professionals acknowledge the benefits and ease of use of the top and best cloud accounting software we have – Xero and QuickBooks. Both of which can be used for any type of business, and e-commerce and real-estate business are not excused.

If you are wondering what could be the difference between the two, well you can find that in some of our blogs. For now, let me provide you the latest updates about these two software and their functionalities. You must be aware of the product’s updates as well if you want to maximize their benefits.

QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Desktop

Statement Automation

Your customer will receive a payment reminder that will notify them about the invoices they still need to pay. This will save your time as it is automated. Most business owners disregard the function as you can use mobile phones for reminders, but this will be better if it’ll be coming from the app itself to see the complete details of the reminder.

Personalized Payment Receipts

Most e-commerce and Real-estate business owners now provide their business color. These colors will represent their name and image. As you make receipts for your customers or clients, you can easily edit the template and put the customer's brand image to present their business. It’ll be easier for you to find them if you know their colors, and this is what we call Visual Memory. Customizing templates include invoices, sales receipts, estimates, purchase orders, and statements.

Customer Group Creation

This provides great convenience as you can find customers by location, type, and status, and assign them to a specific cluster. Sending invoices, reminders, and statements is now easier. Also sending e-mails for them can be of convenience, it is just a single tap away.


Sending Bills to Xero using E-mail

Using e-mails now, you can send bills to Xero. The document will be saved together with the bill attached to the e-mail. It is available now worldwide and in any plan, and now widely used for convenience.

Appealing reports

Creating an appealing report is also nice, being organized and orderly as well. Seeing your financial works under a beautiful template makes you want to work more, and add more, as organized charts attract positivity. An added “Export to PDF” button can now be used to see how the layout looks like.

Enhanced security

For customers using WorkflowMax, Xero Practice Manager, and Xero Tax, new and enhanced security is integrated. A new login screen feature and is part of a world-wide project, now under a security platform called Identity.

Xero partners with Coveo

More personalized searches can now be experienced. Integrating Coveo, an enterprise software that offers a cloud-based platform for marketing digital experiences, the search bar will base on your business’s profile and will provide suggestions on what to look for.

The calculation for Bonuses and Commission made easy

An automated calculator for bonuses and commissions is now integrated into the platform. No sweat in which is which to who is who as well, an advanced template that can be compared to Microsoft Excel sheet.

Learning now the updates in the software, it’s time to make a choice. Do you want to use these functions? Do you want to be part of a bigger community? Might as well know the automation process.

In, non-technical users can have their productivity and growth. Everything is simple and automatic, and no codes are necessary. You can even connect multiple applications and finish the job within minutes.

One of the most popular integrations in is the integration of Xero and QuickBooks to simply the work process. Using a drag and drop interface, you can integrate these platforms in an instant without even breaking a sweat. There are no technical skills to be used for integration and are merely created for a user-friendly environment. The steps are as follows:

1: Connect QuickBooks Online & Xero

2: Find trigger to start data flow

3: selecting application is next on where the data should go

4: the use of the drag and drop interface also incorporates the need for teamwork. You can now bring each member of your team and work as one, which will unlock more possibilities for development and growth.

Though provides convenience and safe integration of trusted applications, like other apps that we have, there’s also a need for monthly billing. The price ranges from 29$/month for personal, 49$/month for a startup, 99$/month for growth, 199$/month for business, and 399$ onwards for enterprise plan.

Thinking about automation and/or hiring a Virtual Bookkeeper/Accountant, there’s always pros and cons. The choice varies on where you feel more secured and stable. The comfort is next when you see the outcome of your choice, whether you hit your goal or not, and when you understand the workflow of your company.

Business owners, especially in the field of e-commerce and real-estate, can now chill and have a longer relaxation as the updates show that everything is in perfect sync. Sync to the growing number of businesses online, increased activity of people in the virtual world, and sync to the rampant need for knowledge. Everything is blooming as technology continues to grow and develop. Do you want to be left behind? Learn more and use the latest functions.

Remember, a good businessman never stops learning, awareness of the updates and utilizing them is always their advantage.